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Additional Info

Mileage cost

- If the venue is within 10 miles from my location ( Worthing) then this is covered within your booking price.

- For venues that are further than a 10 mile radius there is an additional cost to cover my travel expenses. This is set at 45p per additional mile to and from the venue. 

- This will be confirmed in your booking of how much the fee will be.

- If the location hasn't got sufficient free parking then the parking price may be added onto your travel fee. If it is a larger booking I may wave this fee. 

If permits are required for the area this must be mentioned in advance.


- There is a non-refundable deposit needed to secure your booking between 20% - 30% to minimise the risk of last minute cancellations. There is the option to reschedule your booking up to a maximum of two times, after this the original booking will be cleared and another deposit will be needed.

- If the deposit has not been paid within the 2 weeks of sending, I may cancel your booking and offer it to someone else. Please ensure you pay on time to avoid losing your appointment.


- If for any reason a cancellation is made on my behalf the deposit is refundable and I will endeavour to find you a replacement of like style/pricing.

Late payment

- Depending on your booking type the payment date will vary. If there is any problems or concerns about payment please contact me via email as soon as possible. You may incur a late fee charge if you pass the deadline date written on your invoice.

- For events, the remainder of the fee is to be paid within two after the appointment.

For weddings, the remainder of the fee is to be paid at least two week prior to the wedding date.

For any reason this doesn't happen, a late fee will be added and a new invoice sent through. I do have the right to cancel with no return of the deposit if it's gets to 2 weeks before the wedding date.


- If the booking is cancelled you will not receive your deposit back as stated above.

If notice is given within 48 hours then half of the remaining payment will be due.

If it's within 24 hours of your booking time slot then the full amount will need to be paid as I will not be able to fill your slot on short notice.

Secondary artist/stylist

For larger booking it may be nessecary for me to bring in a secondary artist/stylist. This will have been discussed in your booking process and there is a flat fee of £20 for this.

- By paying the deposit fee you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions above - 

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